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Communication in today’s lifestyle has a deeper emphasis than just the voice communication. Today, communication has taken a different viewpoint than what was before. Companies are venturing into new fields and creating a new pool of opportunities for Telecom.

IntellectFaces is one among the first few organizations to provide analytical solutions in the area of ever-growing communication technologies. IntellectFaces are well equipped with the latest and upcoming dynamics and are very well capable of advising on the best suited and best available solutions in data analytics.

Customer-Based Analytics

Churn and Retention Models

Acquisition of customers is the fuel for the survival and success of any industry. In Telecom, retaining the acquired customers is quite a challenge as the churn rates are higher than any other sector.  To avoid any losses due to early customer churns, IntellectFaces has modernized the churn and retention model to suit the need for the organization.

Our Methods to decrease Churn Rate
  • Providing efficient customer service no matter the complaint or query.
  • Identification of customers those are likely to churn in an early stage and applying retention techniques to withhold them.
  • Offer Upgrades and free services with special deals to allure the attention of subscribers.

Life Time Value Model

The LTV model is effective in identifying the future of a company based on their customer’s value. Acquiring a customer might be simpler compared to preserving their subscription for a longer time. IntellectFaces evaluates the customer data and compares it with the estimates long-term expectancies to generate solutions suitable for the longevity of a customer’s term in the company.

Our Methods to Increase customer Lifetime with the company
  • Calculating the Average Customer Lifetime Value by evaluating average revenue per cycle over the time period of a month.
  • Customizing budget plans for LTV models.
  • High-value customers are identified and their LTV predicted to avoid increased instances of churn.

Marketing Based Analytics

Gaining Marketing Agility

The advancements in your company can be popularized only through effective marketing strategies to gain a great number of customers. Marketing has taken over a new meaning since the expansion of the communication sector and new trends are made on the go by innovative institutes. IntellectFaces gives you an edge over other competitors in the sector and strategizes effective marketing plans that capture new audiences and secures old customers.

Customer Retention Marketing Strategies
  • Offer customized product bundling by identifying customer profiles.
  • Identifying customers that are ready to upgrade as soon as a new launch is made and subscribing them to follow up.
  • Recognizing and noting the feedback and review of a service and rectifying them on an informed basis.