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Blue-Green Deployments

With the increasing range of applications involved in software and their highly demanding development, the usage of a single stable environment to deploy might supply more traffic during continuous production and delay. To avoid this, the Blue-Green Deployment as created. It is a simple method of creating two different environments that work on an on-off basis to interchange working environments and aid faster deployment.

IntellectFaces uses Blue-Green deployment technology in such a way that there never occurs traffic in the environments during the deployment phase of separate software codes. When the environment say Blue is on and deploying one phase of the software, the other environment; say Green will remain in the off or idle stage. When a new code is ready to be deployed, the Green environment is made use of.

Blue-Green deployment is also useful to avoid mishaps in code or code merging during deployment. If the software deployed in Green environment fails or causes unwanted hang-up of the system, the new code can be rolled back and the last version of deployment can be enabled. This eliminates risk factors and saves a lot of time.