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Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

A successful project delivery is not a single process but it is a process of merging of continuous deliverance to accomplish the requirements of the client. The requirements of the clients might change and vary a little from the original sketch discussed. It is essential to keep track of all the requirement updates to clarify on their deliverance on time. To maintain a continuous flow in this process, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery were created.

Continuous Integration is a process of uploading a copy of all the side streaming developments into a shared mainline to keep the team updated and on track about the progress of the project. Continuous Delivery is an approach in which versions of the software are created in short cycles by separate teams so that continuous delivery is maintained to assure a progressive development.

IntellectFaces uses its expertise in effectively dividing the development works into perfect parts so that when merged, they synchronize to the point.

The tools used for effective Continuous Integration in IntellectFaces are as follows:

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