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Scrum/SAFe Agile

Agile software development is typically an epitome of evolution co-existing with modernization. Agile is a process where requirements and their solutions are collaborated among a self-organized team. This kind of evolved project management encourages constant inspection and adaptation that paves way for development.

Scrum is just a subset of Agile. It encourages teamwork, accountability, and iterative progress. It is a simple lightweight framework where the foundation starts with a simple design and improvement are made on the go to test which works out and which does not.

IntellectFaces has had overhead experiences in handling Scrum and Agile frameworks in organizations to benefit from an evolved environment.

Here are some points that strengthen the Agile/ Scrum Framework:

  • Using this project management technique in projects can ensure the constant development of modernized techniques used and encourage customer satisfaction.
  • They are used to manage the most complex software and product development whose constant evolution increases the quantity of challenge for the team.
  • Using Agile techniques and encouraging Scrum will increase the quality of deliverables and also maintain the delivery time as expected.
  • In a constantly evolving environment, the significance of expecting challenging requirements become a norm and hence change will not be a surprise factor anymore.
  • The implementation of Agile project management increases the control of the progress of the project and helps maintain the project schedule and state of deliverables.