Apptivo is a Cloud-Based Suite of 40+ Integrated Small Business Apps.

Every application is designed to determine a diverse business requirement, though every business has different needs & challenges. That’s why Apptivo gives a flexible app builder that enables your organization to automate any business process.

Nowadays, small businesses feel the pain of working with several point solutions to drive their business, and Apptivo is the solution to their problems. Besides, all the applications are accessed from a single dashboard, letting a company develop their own custom solution. From basic invoicing, to an entire ERP solution, Apptivo does it all. Integrates with your mobile phone,  email, and Google Apps.


IntellectFaces, a leading global data analytics, IT services, consulting and business solutions organization. It has announced a long-term strategic partnership with Apptivo. As per the partnership, IntellectFaces’ Apptivo team will customize and implement Apptivo for their different clients according to their requirements operating under various domains which include Telecom, Finance, Education, Healthcare, CPG, and Retail. IntellectFaces implementation strategy starts from sales and all the way up to making customer engagement. The ability and ease with which you can accomplish this implementation, while still being greatly affordable and easy to utilize are what made Apptivo partner with IntellectFaces and our customers are understanding of the Apptivo implementation being made on their business.

IntellectFaces has extensive and proven experience of giving a complete range of services and solutions to the world’s leading companies. Especially, IntellectFaces is a niche in offering IT capabilities and experience in the area of application development, cloud strategy, ERP/CRM platform, integration capabilities, consulting, infrastructure, vision, and innovation.

IntellectFaces has built a state-of-the-art development center in India, which includes a team of more than 100 talented professionals, who supports the upcoming releases and updates to the Apptivo Team. Besides, the development center is concentrated on building innovative marketing business applications and improvements to core technology & mobility platforms. Moreover, the team is working to identify and create solutions that deliver valuable business capabilities.

Core Capabilities

Strategy and Architecture

IntellectFaces initiates the foundation for the Apptivo journey with assessment tools and road-maps. It helps clients not only recognize the cloud challenges & opportunities, however, it also accomplish their desired end states.

Agile Execution

Our rapid implementation methodologies and global delivery capabilities execute the delivery of Apptivo solutions more flexible. Every deployment is intended to use new approaches, methodologies and commercial models that will present on the Apptivo promise of agility and scalability.

Industry Solutions

IntellectFaces has various Apptivo certified industry solutions, including Telecommunications, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, and the list is growing.

Elastic Operations

For customers farther along on their Apptivo journeys, we help build ongoing maintenance and support capabilities. Besides, our services take several forms-from leveraging our Apptivo factory capabilities within our Global Delivery Network to allow elastic capacity to establish governance models that help customers optimize their release management processes for Apptivo applications & Appbuilder functionality.

With our robust Apptivo capabilities, IntellectFaces gives real business value in customer relationship management and customer experience management, customer service, social media, business process automation, marketing, human resource management, and custom development.

APPTIVO’s Value Proposition

Focus on Adoption & Business Success

  • Visual, Iterative, Business-Driven Solution Design
  • Education, Adoption, Implement
  • Define Success Criteria & Benchmarks

Minimize Risk

  • Including Subscription, no Hidden Infrastructure or Upgrade Fees
  • Adoption: Iterative Functional Deployment & Training
  • Value: Emphasize Time-To-Value

Leverage Know-how

  • >1,000 Consulting & Education Data Points
  • >1,000,000 Application data points
  • Internal + Customer Shared Best Practices

Drive Continual Business Improvement

  • Market Driven, Responsive
  • Frequent Upgrades & Frequent, Incremental Gains in ROI
  • Forever be State-of-the-Art

INTELLECTFACES’ Value Proposition

Domain Knowledge

  • Experience in different domains ranging from Telco/CME, Healthcare, Financial Services, Communications, Hi-Tech etc.
  • Enormous expertise in Industry specific best practices and large scale implementations
  • Trained and Certified Resources

Large-scale Rapid Application deployments

  • Above 10 successful Rapid deployments in the last 2 years with over 60% delivery efficiency
  • Knowledge Base
  • IntellectFaces Reusable Technical Library for Apptivo
  • IntellectFaces Foundation Platform for Apptivo

Quality Assurance

  • Highly robust and tested processes in place to assure hassle-free delivery
  • Quality Adherence