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Deep Learning

Our next step forward in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, is all about enabling systems to learn new concepts from raw data. Yes, it sounds more like the human mind complete with neural network and the likes. Deep Learning enables us to make faster and accurate predictions by utilizing complex, multilevel data abstraction techniques.

Deep Learning requires extreme computing powers, powerful GPUs and scalable network systems to operate efficiently. IntellectFaces works to provide a platform where you can focus on the science, while we handle the infrastructure required.

Our platforms are customizable to be industry specific, fully scalable and simple to use. We help you create large, sophisticated Deep Learning models that cover a wide range of scenarios.

Managing your business decisions becomes easy with our Deep Learning services whose Dashboard interprets information, trends, news and compares it with statistics from tons of data sources.

Deep Learning algorithms for interpreting consumer sentiment by scrounging huge amounts of data in social networks, news media and other sources help us in advising our clients on strategies when complex human factors are involved.

Customer service is a breeze as Deep Learning amplifies the usability of big data in determining product reviews, customer insights and mapping proper marketing channels.

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