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Machine Learning

Machine Learning is all about learning from data over time. At IntellectFaces, we connect Artificial Intelligence with data science just as it is meant to be. Our class leading data collection techniques and cloud service makes sure that data is available anywhere. Combine this with our superior algorithms for recognizing patterns in data, you get a service that can make decisions at any scale when it matters.

Why You Need Machine Learning?

We support the business apprentice throughout our best Machine Learning Services to make their work automated.


In marketing, many tasks can be automated through Machine Learning based tools and techniques.

  • Marketing Survey Results Automation.
  • Social Media Insights.
  • Automated demographic analysis.


Sales Managers and Account Managers can get signals from ML tools to understand nuances in sales:

  • Identify best future clients
  • Sales forecasting
  • Detect Fraudulent Transaction in real-time
  • Price prediction


The actual economic practices display traditional commercial activities. So, Machine Learning displays expected possibilities.

  • Trading – Model generation and signal triggers
  • Chatbots – Virtual personal assistants –  customer query handling and providing solutions
  • Hashing / Binary search / Orthogonalization

Human Resources

The predictive investigation represents an important role in Human Resource activities nowadays.

  • Video Surveillance / Face detection
  • Authorization of  entry/ exit of personal

Why Choose IntellectFaces?

IntellectFaces is one of the best machine learning development companies In USA. IntellectFaces’s machine learning offerings are available for automating your sales, marketing and human resources.

  • Expertise in frameworks like TensorFlow, Caffe, Keras, Theano, etc.
  • Expertise in hardware platforms like Texas Instrument, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, NXP, etc
  • Dedicated engineers to design and develop algorithms from scratch.
  • Expertise in developing solutions utilizing open source libraries
  • Machine learning capabilities from edge to cloud.
  • Advanced expertise in Neural Network architectures like VGGNet, AlexaNet, Inception V3, SqueezeNet, etc.

If you have the interest to get service on Machine Learning. Let IntellectFaces help you.

Machine Learning Company in USA

Why choose our Machine Learning Tools?

  • It is designed for everyone. Be it a data scientist or a ML researcher, these tools can be tailored to meet everyone’s needs.
  • It is adaptive and scalable. ML tools like speech analysis, self-learning chatbots etc can be integrated with any UI.
  • It has access to a large pool of data and database tools for running algorithms.
  • It is secure. Access can be minutely controlled with privacy policies. Options for strong encryption to keep your data secure.
  • Flexible payment options. Pay only for what you consume and when you consume.
  • Offers a wide range of data analytic services for data warehousing, Business Intelligence etc.

Discover the Machine Learning Opportunities at Your Enterprise through IntellectFaces