Cloud Migration & Strategy
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Cloud Migration & Strategy

Cloud computing has become an essential part of the digital transformation. Organizations are looking to strike a perfect balance between traditional IT platforms and moving their applications to the cloud. Thus, there is a rising need for tailor-made solutions to efficiently carry out the migration and in turn, reduce operational costs.

Depending on some factors like cost, compliance and time to market, organizations have to decide on which applications to migrate and which to keep. Hence the requirement of a sound strategy.

Why choose IntellectFaces?

We understand that success and evolution in the cloud comes with a sound strategy. That is why we help you put your best foot forward, in this case, the best application.

Our team works with you to assess the suitability of every application for the cloud and choose the best technology to:

  • Frame the perfect transformation roadmap.
  • Increase cost saving potentials, flexibility and ensure security protocols for critical applications.
  • Accelerate time to market of critical applications so as to not affect profitability trends.
  • Improve utilization of currently available platforms.
  • Infuse agile methodology in every step giving you utmost satisfaction.
  • Provide a complete virtual outlook of the entire process flow.