Innovation Labs

The heart and soul of IntellectFaces lies on innovation.

We believe that modern innovative ideas help an organization spread its knowledge on untrodden terrains.

We employ a great team of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and experts of Business and Technology.

We deliver planned solutions to our clients and do not hesitate to venture into promising terrains.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. 3D rendering virtual brain and visualized memories. Cloud computing. Big data. futuristic abstract.

AI Lab

IntellectFaces is constituted to form the most exceptional team of eminent engineers and scientists who have mastered in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Our labs have the most recent technology and are on the lookout for further development to assist solutions for our clients.


Mobile Lab

We are not new to the infiltration of mobile apps into our solutions. We focus on having safe, agile, and affordable solutions to help our clients deploy quality mobile apps suitable for all environments. We help in delivering higher quality mobile apps with a strong mobile app security.


Big Data Lab

Big Data has the ultimate potential to bring about a revolution in the industry. IntellectFaces assists our clients by employing Big-Data labs and research, to identify, engineer, and innovate technologies and solutions that address the data challenges.


Testing Lab

IntellectFaces has a wide range of testing labs in a global level staffed with experienced and talented personnel to help reduce risks and determine the quality and safety of any product in the given period of time. We provide a broad range of services to our clients.

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.