Application Rationalization
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Application Rationalization

Application rationalization is a process of continuous strategic analyzation to identify the best applications in aiding increased business efficiencies. While the company has to constantly estimate its working strategies and their effectiveness, it also is sensitive to the upcoming market demands and launches new products or services to win an advantage.

Isolated applications take a longer time to react to the new demands and implement changes. Hence application rationalization comes as an effective alternative.

IntellectFaces offers outstanding solutions to complex situations that demand the need for novelty to be implemented.

Our application rationalization program is a disciplined process that effectively reduces costs and improves IT strategy and IT agility in meeting the customer requirements.

Cost Priority and Need For Replacement Application
Low Low Priority to replace No need to Replace Effective
High High Priority- immediate replacement needed. Medium priority for replacement. Not-So-Effective

The Effectiveness of our Strategy:

  • Drastic improvement in market share, improved market sense, and an opportunity to venture into new markets.
  • Immediate identification of effectively declining applications and re-installation of new improved ones.
  • Improved agility in business and overall application with the simplest process demanding least cost and time spent.