IT Risk & Compliance
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IT Risk & Compliance

Having a good IT strategy, and an excellent business plan will not be enough to guard the safety factor of your company, you also need to have IT risk and Compliance policies that help you avoid unnecessary de-railing from the organization’s objective.

Risk and Compliance management go hand in hand in monitoring, analyzing, and responding to identified risks in a regular basis and compiling the risks by identifying the applicable requirements and prioritize on the most needed action deemed necessary.

Our Risk Management Process

IntellectFaces upholds a proud history of successfully handling Risk management and Compliance. We handle both operational Risk Management and Credit Risk Management as follows:

  • Ensuring every client and transaction details are noted or recorded for future-proof reference.
  • Streamlining the stages of initiation, discussion, approval, workflow, and delivery of all contracts.
  • Monitoring risk limits and deriving the compliance on a regular basis.
  • Advanced report generation and scenario analysis process for monitoring every contract.
  • Usage of Base-II Advanced IRB approach and Standardized AMA Approach for risk management.