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Python Engineer/ Developer

Python Engineer/ Developer

Location: Homldel, NJ

Need Python (75%) and Java (25%)
Two Rounds of Interview: Phone and F2F

Essential Job Functions:
● Design and develop a wide range of distributed, robust real-time and high-volume production
applications for UCaaS platform, and develop prototypes quickly.
● Develop software using best practices including aspects of test, deployment, and operations.
● Apply innovative thinking to all functions of development.
● Ability to complete individual tasks end-to-end independently but working with a larger team to accomplish bigger objectives.
Specific Requirements (Technical Knowledge, Software, Etc.):
● Java, Python, SQL
● Data structures and OOPs design principles.
● Relational (MySQL, Postgres) and No SQL (especially Redis, Mongo) database technologies.
● Linux Systems knowledge (performance tuning, basic networking, file systems)
● Experience with version control systems like Git
● Strong troubleshooting skills
● Strong interpersonal skills
● Highly organized with strong analytical and communication skills
● Ability and passion to pick up new technologies and stay on the leading edge of full-stack development.
Additional Skills (would like to have but not required):
● Experience with Agile Development methodologies
● Experience with microservices
● Experience in building REST based web services.
● Availability for occasional travel if needed.
● Mobile development (iOS / Android)
● Web development (HTML5/Javascript)
● AWS certification(s)
● Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience.

Job Features

Job Category Python Engineer/ Developer
Duration 6+
Job Location Homldel, NJ

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