Load/Stress Testing
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Load/Stress Testing

Testing is a very crucial end stage which determines the quality of the out coming software. There are many ways to conduct testing in a regular environment. Load testing is a process of demanding output in a system in heavy load conditions. Load testing is an effective analysis process that not just tests the correct working of a system but also determines the maximum operating capacity of the software under severe load conditions.

Stress Testing is not much different from Load testing; it tests the system on a very high load beyond normal usage patterns. Rather than testing the quality of outcome, Stress testing is done to determine the stability of a given system. Stress testing is done at breaking points to determine where the system or application breaks from its performance and fails.

IntellectFaces is an enlightened group that goes beyond norms to accomplish the unimaginable. We are no less in analyzing the quality of any application by applying load and stress testing to execute the maximum workability of it.

Effectiveness of our load and stress testing:

  • We help in determining the maximum operating capacity of all elements and determine effectively which operation is accelerating towards the degradation of the whole application.
  • By handling deliberate Stress Testing we can effectively determine the breaking points and safe usage limits.
  • Both Stress and Load testing help in pinpointing the accurate determination of maximum workability of the application.
  • The testing methods also help determine the elements that accompany in the failure of the system.
  • It can also select specific systems to test the stability of their operations.

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