Manual/Automation Testing
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Manual/Automation Testing

Testing is a kind of end investigation conducted to check the quality of the software created or a product of software service under test. Testing is a very important stage conducted by both the company and their clients to check the end result’s credibility.

IntellectFaces undergoes in-depth testing analysis to eliminate any kind of deviation program from the software’s original progress.

Manual testing requires a tester to completely check the effective working of the software program developed by the team as an end user. To ensure no form of deviation from the expected output, the testers must check the program by forming an elaborate Test plan and following it up with detailed test cases that cover all the requirements mentioned by the client.

While for automation Testing, the scenario is quite the opposite of Manual Testing. There are predefined software tools that can be used to conduct the same testing to check the end result. IntellectFaces has a well-defined manual and automation testing protocols that don’t let any mistakes to be overlooked.


IntellectFaces’ Manual and automated testing are very professional and have the following outstanding qualities:

  • Our Manual & Automation Testing strategies can be installed and applied in all kinds of environment.
  • Always exceeds the expectations of our clients seeking quality testing methods.
  • Pinpoints and warns on all kinds of mishap in the software even the small trivial ones.
  • On time deliverance of the expected outcome.
  • Meets the exact requirement and accepts all kinds of inputs for a correct optimized outcome.

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