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IntellectFaces creates cutting-edge applications by integrating Computer Vision services and diagnostic software to detect anomalies in the production line. IntellectFaces Computer Vision offers a perfect blend of innovation.

By inculcating nested object detection, recognition, and more, our custom-built computer vision models allow businesses to reduce human effort, optimize operations, and utilize rich data to scale visual technology.

We help you capitalize on the limitless amount of visual data by creating cutting edge solutions through a systemized process. We at IntellectFaces, simplify and speed up your business processes, minimize errors, and amplify efficiency with our service.


IntellectFaces offers models that are built to tackle key problems and help to move quickly to implement your solution rather than spending time in the design phase. To meet the constraints of diverse industries our team has designed advanced components:

Object Detection

Using classification and localization our experts detect objects' positions and get their locations in a given image. Track objects across successive image frames in real time.

Face Recognition

Facial recognition services extend beyond security to enhance user experience. Our experts identify, authenticate, and provide real-time surveillance of a specific person by their facial features from a video or an image.

Image Classification

Our experts build in-depth analysis & identify what the image represents. Later classifies the image and then places the image into apt segments.

Video Analysis

Our experts detect and extract objects in video, then classify each object to enable intelligent video analysis to empower users with granular search, smart alerting, and comprehensive reporting.

Why IntellectFaces for Computer Vision?

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End-to-end analytics strategy for enabling streamlined automated processes.

Tailored Business Solutions

Build bespoke and tech-forward services provided that suit clients' requirements.

Let our specialists solve the problems, tackle the challenges, and transform your business digitally.

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