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Transform Your Business With Cloud Migration Consulting

When your application runs on-premise, there is always a new challenge waiting for you to overcome. With proven methodologies and approaches, our services will help you with the hassle-free transformation from on-premise to cloud migration and build suitable solutions according to your business requirements.

At IntellectFaces we know how to unravel your migration challenges, cloud-native coding requirements, target state needs, and every other tech issue you face during migrations. We provide expertise in managing Private & Public Clouds [AWS, AZURE, & GCP]. Our consulting involves a well-formulated assessment, strategy, and process.

Our cloud migration solutions provide you with an in-depth analysis, review company’s objectives, and focused assessment, and assist in building a roadmap to support, rebuild, and re-architect applications.

We provide four different stages of cloud migrations including decision, cloud, discovery, and transition.

Intellctfaces 8-Step Cloud Migration Process


Accelerates adoption journey

We build Cloud POC to present you with the best resolutions, solution architecture, and outcomes to accelerate the cloud adoption journey.


Define Strategy & Objectives

We define and establish your Cloud Strategy and Roadmap based on your migration triggers, business goals, and workload priorities.


Design Migration

Design a new infrastructure migration plan based on priorities and milestones. Changes to the Modeling & Architecture are moved to the cloud.


Implement Plan

Our cloud experts define a comprehensive migration cloud implementational planning without disruption creating a seamless transfer.


Scalability & Flexibility

IntellectFace's scalable Cloud expansion allows your organization to expand to international markets.


Data Integrity

The next step is Cloud Integration where we ensure your data is secure at all times and meet all regulatory compliance requirements.


Work as a team in real time

With IntellectFaces Cloud-Based Collaboration Platform, enables your people to work, share, & access files from anywhere.


Analyze & Identifies

We analyze potential gaps and provide you with solutions to consider & identify capabilities required to implement to achieve levels of Maturity.

Why IntellectFaces for Cloud Migration?


Our cloud professional takes time to understand your requirements, analyze them, and help you navigate the different cloud options [Microsoft Azure, GCP, and Amazon Web Service]. We provide you with guidance on the best approach for your organization.


IntellectFaces team of experts will help you get up and running seamlessly and efficiently with as little downtime as possible. We ensure we will help you choose the right combination that will align with your requirements.


IntellectFaces is expertise in cost-efficient software infrastructure development and optimization where we will deliver your core service with improved reliability and availability of a cloud-based solution.

Let our specialists solve the problems, tackle the challenges, and transform your business digitally.

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